Wifi Simulation

How strong is your wifi signal in the different rooms of your home ?

Free wifi simulation

Are you experiencing problems with your wifi connection? With our free wifi simulation you get a first indication of how strong the wifi is in the different locations. Send us a floor plan of your home or business and FIPS will get to work for you.

Request your wifi simulation

With our free wifi simulation we visualize the entire wifi environment. By loading a floor plan and indicating walls, doors, ... the wifi signal strength (RSSI) can be displayed in the different rooms. This gives you an immediate idea of the number of wireless access points that are required to have a strong wifi connection at all times.

Upload your floor plan below together with a short description and we will provide you with a free wifi simulation.

Our Goals

The company project guidelines, so simple but so important to us.


Network security typically relies on layers of protection and consists of multiple hardware and software components. All of these work together to secure your data network. We make sure the components we deploy meet the latest security standards and are kept up to date.

Smart technology

The deployed technology must be a benefit to the Customer and not just a gadget. We make sure the technology works for the Customer. We truly like to call it smart technology.

Care for each project

We consider each project as equal important. From the smallest to the biggest project, each of them are properly implemented and must receive the approval of the Customer.

Support 24/7

Why should support for the Customer stop at the end of a project? We believe Customer support and service are as important as the implementation of a project!