Wifi mesh network

Wifi coverage for large and complex spaces such as a warehouse or outdoor areas.

Why use a wifi mesh network ?

With a wifi mesh network you can quickly provide wifi coverage for a large area or a room with a complex layout. Think of wifi for outside (garden/terrace), wifi in your warehouse or any other difficult location where a traditional wifi set-up will not work.

How does a mesh network work ?

Each mesh access point has a wireless connection to one or more mesh access points to form a mesh network. Data is transferred wirelessly from from one mesh access point to another until the primary mesh access point is reached. This primary mesh access point has as a wired uplink to the Internet.

Wifi Mesh

A mesh network is therefore the ideal solution for :
  • Wifi on the terrace
  • Wifi in the garden
  • Wifi for outdoors
  • Wifi in a warehouse/storage place
  • Wifi for a temporary exhibition, pop-up, …

The benefits of a wifi mesh network

  • Large or complex spaces can be provided with wifi coverage fairly quickly.
  • No network cable to pull for each mesh access point.
  • The loss of one mesh access point can be covered by another mesh access point.
  • A wifi mesh network can be easily expanded by installing additional mesh access points.
Large warehouse

Are there also disadvantages to a wifi mesh network?

One of the biggest drawbacks of a wifi mesh network is the limited speed and bandwidth. Contrary to what most manufacturers advertise there is a loss of speed when data needs to be transferred from one mesh access point to another. With each 'hop' there is about a 50% decrease of the wifi speed.

Wifi Mesh Disadvantages

The advantages certainly outweigh the disadvantages. With a correct design and taking into account the limitations of a wifi mesh network, it can be good solution for a wifi network in the garden, warehouse or a temporary exhibition.

Is a wifi mesh network the answer to your wifi problems? FIPS is happy to advise you and help you with the installation of the mesh network.

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