IP Intercom - Audio - Video

Are you considering installing an intercom system to protect your home or business ? But you are hesitating because you have a long list of requirements and questions? Don't worry, let us know and we will help you with the design and installation of a new professional and IP based intercom system. We will select the correct indoor and outdoor intercom station for you so you will get the most out of your intercom system. Delivery at door with intercom

  • I would feel more secure if we had an intercom system but it seems very complicated
  • Can I control multiple intercom systems from one location ?
  • Can the intercom system be expanded later on ?
  • Can I use my smartphone as indoor intercom station ?

The intercom system we deliver

An intercom system is more and more important. It has many benefits but requires the proper infrastructure. We deliver professional intercom systems which are reliable, scalable and secure. As our systems are IP based its communication uses a network infrastructure instead of traditional bus wiring. Intercom 2N

  • A reliable, scalable and secure intercom system
  • Manage and monitor your intercom system from any location via the cloud
  • Use your smartphone as indoor intercom station
  • Protect your home or business against thefts and burglaries
  • A scalable solution. Your intercom system expands with ease
  • A professional intercom system at an affordable price
  • Remote monitoring and support of your intercom system if needed
We also deliver reliable, scalable and secure access control systems !

Our Goals

The company project guidelines, so simple but so important to us.


Network security typically relies on layers of protection and consists of multiple hardware and software components. All of these work together to secure your data network. We make sure the components we deploy meet the latest security standards and are kept up to date.

Smart technology

The deployed technology must be a benefit to the Customer and not just a gadget. We make sure the technology works for the Customer. We truly like to call it smart technology.

Care for each project

We consider each project as equal important. From the smallest to the biggest project, each of them are properly implemented and must receive the approval of the Customer.

Support 24/7

Why should support for the Customer stop at the end of a project? We believe Customer support and service are as important as the implementation of a project!