What we offer

Smart solutions, better services.

We make sure your wired or wireless network infrastructure is up for the job. A proper design, using approved hardware and a 24/7 monitoring service gives our Customers the secure and fast network infrastructure they always wanted.

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We supply and install wifi mesh solutions for individuals and companies. With a wifi mesh network we can quickly provide wifi coverage for a large area or a room with a complex layout. Think of wifi for outside (garden/terrace), wifi in your warehouse or any other difficult location where a traditional wifi set-up will not work.

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We deliver access control solutions for the residential and professional market. The access control systems we use are unique because they are IP based. They use a network infrastructure instead of traditional bus wiring. This allows you for instance to use a smartphone to gain access to your home or office.

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We deliver reliable, scalable and secure intercom systems. It uses your existing network infrastructure instead of traditional bus wiring. You receive a notification on your smartphone when somebody is at the door. And you can communicate with your visitor or open the door using your smartphone or tablet.

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We deliver systems from a few standalone cameras to complete video surveillance systems. By deploying secure and performant video surveillance systems our Customers can monitor their homes or businesses remotely and are notified in case movement is detected.

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We conduct wifi site surveys in small to large buildings. We measure the wifi signal and background noise of your wireless network. It collects detailed information of your wireless network and visualizes the data by using a heatmap. Because the hidden problems of your wireless network have been revealed we can correct them one by one. All of this resulting in a more performant and stable wireless network !

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We believe Customer support and service are as important as the implementation of a project. We are able to monitor our deployed hardware and software 24/7. We offer a service contract for each type of project so our Customers can relax and let us take care of their systems.

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Who are we?

Smart people working with smart technology.

Our Philosophy

We know it is not always easy to make the right choices in the rapidly evolving world of wireless networks and video surveillance. Thanks to our experience and knowledge we can offer our customers the best solution which not only fulfills all the requirements but also provides a clear picture of the required budget. Additionally we always make sure that our systems can be expanded without problems later on if necessary.

  • Only use technology which has been tested and approved by your team.
  • Work together with your Customers to make each project a succes, no exceptions.
  • Even so something is right today, it may not be right tomorrow. Keep learning.

Our Customers sometimes ask us how do we manage to alert them of a possible issue with their system before they even notice anything. We can not reveal our secrets but one of them is just smart people working with smart technology. Using business dashboards for instance is just one example.

Our Goals

Smart technology

The deployed technology must be a benefit to the Customer and not just a gadget. We make sure the technology works for the Customer. We truly like to call it smart technology.

Care for each project

We consider each project as equal important. From the smallest to the biggest project, each of them are properly implemented and must receive the approval of the Customer.

Customer support and service

Why should support for the Customer stop at the end of a project? We believe Customer support and service are as important as the implementation of a project.

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